How about a "continue" in life as in games?

In 2100 humanity will have already developed the technology to upload the mind to special storage hardware and in 2120 the first versions of this second “shell”, a second body, will begin to circulate, which will allow the beginning of a new life immortal, reliving old experiences from a new perspective.

I imagined what it would be like for a "person" in his new shell, which is already well used and properly personalized to distinguish himself from the crowd, with a curious stray cat (cats will dominate the streets in 2120).

With this image I won the UnhideSchool, Melies School and Wacom contest "Terra 2120" in the "Student Art" Category and was the 2nd in the General "Art" Category.
About production

This was my first image using Blender for shaders, lookdev and rendering in Cycles.

Assets used:

- Robot: I modeled a few months ago with Modo 902
- Final 3D cat: Modeled with Modo902, shader and render in Blender
- 3D cat marking / wip 1:
- Scenario:
- Sticker / sticker on the robot's leg with marks owned by the respective - companies.
- Neons / Holograms blurred in the background: Freepik website vectors / Katemangostar, Coca-Cola vintage ad and Let's Play and Neuromancer images produced by UnhideSchool
wip 01
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